Up Close & Personal at Victoria’s Secret

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is a huge deal in any fashion lover’s calendar, it’s become an unmissable fixture owing to its unobtainable glamour, its Angels old and new and those world famous wings.  The show has come a long way since it made its debut in New York showing little more than affordable basic pieces to the full blown spectacle it is today.

Whilst you might be familiar with the show itself and be able reel off the names of its most famous assets, did you also know that some of those famous costumes are actually available to view up close and in person?  I was invited along to the newly refurbished and extended Victoria’s Secret Bond Street store in London to find out more.

The costumes and wings that aren’t repurposed and made into new pieces are held in a secret ‘Trophy Room” before being put on display.  Each piece is fitted to a mannequin in its original form before being adjusted for fit (some of them have to be made bigger to fit classic mannequin proportions) and assigned a tag which includes details of which show it was featured in, its wearer, and their home town.  These pieces tour the few flagship Victoria’s Secret stores for fans and wannabe Angels to visit and they’re only in each location for a limited amount of time before moving on to their next temporary home.

If you’re looking to feast your eyes on the best outfits from the most recent Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in person the you need to head to the flagship store on Fifth Avenue, New York.  With it’s secret Retrospective museum that tales up the whole third floor of the store, it’s the next best thing to a front row seat at the show.  In there you’ll find not only the outfits but a roster of every model to ever walk the show, and a set of ‘wall wings’ for your very own turn as a VS Angel, on Instagram at least.

Currently the Bond Street store is home to the show stopping outfits shown in Paris as well as a few other famous pieces from years gone by, if you’re looking for the Fantasy Bra section however then you’re headed for disappointment as these multi million dollar ensembles are put up for sale for a period of twelve months and if they aren’t sold, they’re broken down and repurposed.  Yes really.

So, what can you see at the Bond Street store?  Well, sadly you won’t be given access to the Trophy Room but in store you’ll be able to view iconic pieces from the Victoria’s Secret Hall of Fame such as Bella Hadid’s jewel encrusted two-piece with wings from the 2016 Paris Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and Karlie Kloss‘ controversial Tinkerbell wings from the 2014 show in London.  You’ll find Taylor Swift’s iconic Union Jack performance costume from the 2014 London show as well as some London themed accessories which were crafted specially for the show including white gloves and some fabulous “crown jewels” that you might have otherwise missed.

If you’ve already visited the Bond Street store, you’ll know that the windows are filled with some of the more iconic (but less valuable) creations to appear in the show, these are moved once a year and no matter when you choose to visit, you’ll always find someone there photographing this awesome collection of bespoke, one of a kind couture.  Because that’s exactly what it is.  These pieces have been worn for a super limited number of times, and aren’t likely to be worn again, unless Ed Razek is planning some sort of Victoria’s Secret Greatest Hits / Alumni show at some point in the future – now how awesome would that be?!  I think I might be on to something here Voyeurs….


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