Show Beauty is the brain child of billionaire heiress Tamara Ecclestone.  Dreamed up by the model and mum of one as a range of beautiful products that would allow women everywhere to tap in to the luxury hair market and feel like a million dollars when using them.

Ecclestone is a shrewd business woman, I’ve met and interviewed her three times now and whilst she’s every bit as beautiful as the images you see in the press, she’s also a super clever lady.  She had originally intended on calling her range of hair products Formula One but was refused the use of the name by her father and the godfather of Formula One, Bernie Ecclestone which spurred her on to come up with something equally as fabulous.

After years of research and development, in which Ecclestone was very hands on, Show Beauty was born and a luxury aesthetic developed intended to up the game of bathroom shelves everywhere.  Show Beauty is a range that’s designed to be seen, not confined to a dark cupboard.  The signature black and gold bottles with cut glass detailing are reminiscent of dressing table perfume bottles in the fifties and the products have real weight to them.

The range has grown considerably since it’s launch with Ecclestone focussing on one customer need at a time and perfecting it so that it achieves everyone of its objectives.  From the weightless volume of the Volume LUX range, to the non sticky Moisture range, each part of this collection has been meticulously planned to tackle the most common hair issues we battle on a day to day basis.  The best thing Voyeurs?  These products work.

Yes, they’re pricey.  That’s the first hurdle.  If you want luxury, the finest ingredients and the best, most long lasting and delicate fragrances, then you’re going to have to stump up some cash.  The luxury hair market is thriving right now Ecclestone sits atop it as Queen.  Full sized Show Beauty products start at £28 for a shampoo or £16 for a travel sized version and the most expensive product is a special edition hair oil with a Swarovski crystal adorned lid topping out at £199.  Or you could opt for the non blinged out version of this cult product at a more respectable £50.

One of my favourite products in the range is the hair fragrance.  Hair fragrance is a pretty unusual product, it’s an unexpected products and my initial thoughts were that hair fragrance is a stupid, useless idea but then Tom Ford brought out his limited edition Black Orchid for hair and I was a convert.  The hair fragrance offering from Show Beauty, aptly named Decadence Hair Fragrance is something special.  Designed by a Nose in one of Paris’ top perfumeries under Ecclestone’s close instruction, the brief was to create something deep, beautiful and long lasting that would make women feel amazing when their hair released the fragrance.

The bottle itself and the packaging it comes in are pretty damn amazing on their own and that’s before we’ve even got to the golden elixir inside.  Packaged in a sturdy black and gold box that’s made to be seen, you’ll find this cut glass bottle topped with rose gold.  It’s a bottle that wouldn’t look out of place in Selfridges Famous Beauty Hall and it looks like more than the £55 it costs.

Inside you’ll find a golden potion that sprays with a super fine mist so as not to soak the hair.  The scent is heavy and on the darker side of the fragrance spectrum, it reminds me of a fragrance called Amber Absolute by Tom Ford which was discontinued after being so incredibly expensive to mass produce.  The rose water base is enhanced by Madagascan vanilla, sensual patchouli (always a winner) and soft white musk, combining with the softest top notes of coconut milk, caramel and almond butter to soften the scent as it’s worn close to the face.  Thoughtful eh?

It’s not just something that smells awesome though, this decadent hair perfume packs a punch in the treatment department too.  Why not wear my ordinary fragrance on my hair you might ask?  Well that’s because it’s super drying to hair.  Regular perfume dries out hair making it stiff and prone to breakage, hence this new product market for hair specific fragrance. This one is packed out with Vitamin E, aloe vera and Ultracas G20, along with essential vitamins and minerals, which help to fight free radicals and colour fade.

The whole range has been designed with the same fragrance so that they can be layered and combined.  Yes, it’s only hair, but you know the feeling you get when you smell your freshly washed and dried hair?  Or when your partner tells you that they remember the way your hair smelled on your first date?  Well this is all that and a bag of truffles.  It’s not the fresh, light smell you associate with drugstore shampoo, this is heady, deep and dark, the patchouli and vanilla combine to make something that can only be described as Rich People Smell.  Plus, if you really love it, the hair fragrance is perfectly safe to use as a regular perfume for skin.  Winning.

With everything I try from this range I can’t fail to be impressed, from the packaging to the fragrance and properties that make up the product, no expense has been spared and that’s obvious from the outset.  It’s a little piece of luxury that will make you feel and smell amazing.

Pixie xo

I was gifted a bottle of Show Beauty Decadence Hair Fragrance to review and this can be bought at the following retailers for £55.

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