I’m terrible when it comes to eating breakfast and for years I’d spout the mantra “breakfast is the most important meal of the day” to my son and husband whilst running out the door not having eaten anything at all before 1pm most days.  These days I’ve found my rhythm and a happy medium when it comes to my morning snack.

See when it comes to eating on a morning, I’m just not that kind of person, but I do understand the importance of getting nutrients, a bit of a sugar rush and something to set you up for the day ahead.  My morning consists of a glass of water (usually with a soluble vitamin C), my Lumity Life supplements and a vanilla protein shake.  I’ve used various different big name (and expensive) blends over the years but right now my favourite protein powder is Superdrug’s own Some Body range (which you can buy here).  Packaged in a super simplistic tub with minimalist labelling, this super fine, triple milled lean whey protein blends like a dream, not like some others that give that thick, sticky finish no matter how many times you mesh filter it.

After the whole Protein World debacle a few years ago and the debate over the slogan “Beach Body” being used with body shaming connotations, protein powders aimed at the female market got a bad rep.  There’s no denying that they’re not a substitute for a well balanced meal, or that they don’t contain sugar, and / or sweeteners (they do, that’s why they taste good and have a long shelf life), but there is definitely a place in the market for them and they most definitely have their benefits.  Aside from that, if it fits your lifestyle, then don’t let anyone tell you not to use protein powder.

As a boxer I use protein powder immediately after a workout to flood my system with light grade, quick release protein to repair and rebuild muscle, or after a flexibility workout at The Barre.  It’s a quick, easy way to get complex protein chains back into your body and begin the repair process.  We know there are better ways to get a protein fix but these aren’t always accessible to someone on the go, and if you take your training seriously, you’ll already know that the time window to reap the benefits of fast release protein after a workout is small.  These ones come in a variety of flavours but my favourite (from any brand) is vanilla, mainly because you can also use it in porridge as well as with water, almond / coconut milk, or cows milk to whip up a tasty shake.

It’s cheap.  Plain and simple.  You can pick up 600g of this product for way less than you’ll pay for a bigger, specialist brand like PHD or MaxiMuscle who are producing essentially the same product when you compare the labels, except those bigger brands don’t fine mill the powder.  Stumbling across it was an accidental discovery, it’s an own brand product from Superdrug, probably something I wouldn’t have otherwise discovered and whilst it’s retail price is listed as £17.99, you’ll more often than not find it as part of a special offer for just £11.99.  Winning.


You can find the product in this post here


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