Victoria’s Secret fashion Show 2017

Well it took a year in the making, three months of hype and god only knows how many hours of Training Like an Angel but the 2017 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show finally hit Shanghai and the VS Angels slayed every inch of the glittering runway.

After a disastrous pre-show fortnight and the loss of six models from the roster due to visa issues, for a little while the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show was in trouble but watching the show, you’d never have guessed it.  Rumours rumbled on about the performers for the show and after Taylor Swift was ruled out, then Katy Perry was banned from Shanghai, it seemed that Harry Styles might be up there on his own.  In fact, he might as well have been, at the final hour, a pretty sketchy list of four performers was pulled together and you only need to watch the pre-show highlights to see that the focus was on Styles and the others were just there to make up the numbers.

Group shot of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Class of 2017

So whilst 2017 was definitely not a highlight in terms of performers, it was the year that Victoria’s Secret stepped into the mainstream.  Making moves on the fashion industry has been high on the brand’s agenda for some time now and a partnership with Balmain on an exclusive runway and in-store collection was the boldest move to date by the lingerie giant.  We also saw the largest number of non-white models on the Victoria’s Secret runway so far indicating that the brand is embracing inclusivity.  Gone is the signature Angel look of the noughties, doe-eyed, blonde tousled waves and white skin, 2017’s Angel is anyone and everyone – providing they have a teeny tiny rock hard body of course.

If you’re a fan of the show then you’ve no doubt already watched it online, if not then you’ll have to wait until early December if your in the UK when it hits E4.  Either way you’re bound to have heard that for the first time ever, a model fell on the runway.  But it wasn’t all about the fall, whilst the gasps of the audience were audible, it’s what happened next that was incredible; as Ming Xi took a tumble slipping on her own cape, she smiled ear to ear, picked herself up with the help of a passing model and walked the rest of the runway to rapturous applause and the biggest smile of the show.  Not the greatest way to make history in the show, but definitely the most admirably recovered.

But you’re just here for the pictures right?  Well there are so many gorgeous images from the most colourful Victoria’s Show yet, and so many memorable moments.  From the awkward moment that nobody at all missed Gigi (Huffy) Hadid or Kendall Jenner, though to the moment veteran Victoria’s Secret Angel Alessandra Ambrosio announced her imminent retirement with a heartfelt speech, the 2017 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show was awesome for all the right reasons.  More real, more current and more vibrant than ever before (we’ll just gloss over the performers for now and hope for better from 2018), it’s time the fashion industry sat up and took notice of this powerhouse….

Pixie x

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