Get Leggy Fabulous This Winter

Throughout the summer, your wardrobe is stuffed full of soft, floaty dresses, gladiator sandals and sun hats with brims that get bigger as the temperature rises.  Dressing in the summer is all about comfort when the weather gets too hot, and if you live somewhere where the climate is temperamental, you could find yourself reaching for the linen trousers instead of the skirts.  Basically, dressing for the weather can be a challenge, particularly if you live in a place where the weather is changeable.  Sound familiar??

One of the easiest fashion items that you can change in your wardrobe as the cooler weather draws in, is your jeans.  Whilst you might be all about the legs during Summer and showing off a sun-kissed glow, in the Winter, we’re more about wrapping up warm in tights, leggings and M.I.H jeans.  Think about it, in Winter we look to the high street for ankle and knee high boots, and boots call for legs that are wrapped up nice and cosy.  Living in Newcastle there are plenty of people braving the cold with bare legs (we’re famous for it apparently) but rather than see a pair of bitterly cold, blue tinged legs, I’d rather see a fresh pair of blue denim skinnies sculpting my thighs and butt.

If you’re a definite leg-end and want to show of your pins during the Winter months, then you’re definitely braver than me!  There are so many ways now to dress to highlight your favourite body part, and dressing to show off your legs is an easy win.  If you managed a Winter vacation and scored a super cool Winter tan then get leggy fabulous and show them off with shorts and tights, a skort, or one of these easy ways to dress a little different, without freezing your butt off:

  • Being on trend is as important in the Winter as it is the rest of the year, (in fact it’s my favourite season) and finding the right inspiration for your legs isn’t always easy.  Whether they’re your best asset or not, there’s a trend out there to show them off.  Let’s start with sweater dresses.  Whoever invented these was a genius.  Thick like a sweater, they keep you warm and cosy and depending on how much you want to show, sweater dresses come in a variety of lengths from butt baring right down to calf-length.  Pair with some heeled boots and watch your legs gain extra inches.  Noice.

  • Shorts may be a summer staple, but if you are finding the weather too cold for shorts but too warm for jeans, you could be onto a winner with culottes.  Your calves might be your best feature and you don’t even know it, show them off and enhance them with these laced brogues.
  • We’ve all seen the scene from Friends where Ross tries out the leather trousers, right?  Thankfully, they’ve come a long way since those days.  Good quality leather trousers are flattering, sculpting and surprisingly warm.  plus, they go with pretty much anything and footwear options are endless.
  • Boots are a staple of the season, with the weather getting colder wearing sandals and open toe shoes is a no-no, you may as well just invite in the rain.  Whether you favour ankle, over the knee boots or thigh-high beauties like these, make sure all eyes are on you for the right reason, you don’t want to end up a meme now do you??

After all, your legs support you, why not show them the same support back and dress them for the season both practically and fabulously?!

Pixie x

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