Cocktails & Carbs at The Laundrette Newcastle

If you’ve visited the city of Newcastle recently you’ll know that the landscape is changing dramatically, and at a rate of knots.  Every time I’m there the city seems to have changed a little, responding to the needs of its people.  As the student population increases the workforce increases and the need for cool hangouts rises.  You may have already noticed that Intu Eldon Square have revamped a whole wing of the shopping mall and dedicated it to food and drink – about time too.

This time, we’re looking at something a little further out.  Still in the city centre and very easily accessible from anywhere within the pedestrian circuit, swanky eatery The Laundrette has opened at the corner of Westgate Road and Pudding Chare, opposite the Lit & Phil building.  The Laundrette Newcastle is the third venture for this sky rocket of a business – after opening the first branch in Chorleton (in an old laundrette of course), the second opened in Manchester and third time lucky as they say, we landed a branch right here in Newcastle.

Over table shot of a burger from the cocktails & carbs menu at the newly launched The Laundrette in Newcastle - Fashion Voyeur Blog


Well the thing that’s different about The Laundrette is that despite having quite possibly the best and most elaborate cocktail menu in Newcastle, you can’t just drop in for a drink.  This one prides itself on its Cocktails & Carbs concept meaning that you must eat.  Think of it like this, for every awesome cocktail or beer you knock back, you can soak up some of that hangover inducing alcohol with some heavy carbs – the theory being that you can drink that little bit longer into the night.


Ok, the menu is laden with pizzas, dough-balls, truffle fondu, meatballs and burgers – basically everything you crave at the end of a night out.  I visited on launch night and got the chance to sample literally everything on offer, and I mean, EVERYTHING.  The menu evolves seasonally so expect to see an additional ‘Alternative Festive’ menu launching in the run up to Christmas which will be in keeping with the brand’s theory of carb loading in the tastiest possible way.  After loading up on pulled pork, burgers, exotic pizzas and chicken burgers, I declared my favourite was the Charcoal Wagu Burger which comes in a black bun and is cooked to your taste, trust me Voyeurs, in an age where burgers are big news, this one comes pretty near the top of the stack.

Over table shot of Truffle Fondu from the the cocktails & carbs menu at the newly launched The Laundrette in Newcastle - Fashion Voyeur Blog

The cocktail menu is seemingly endless and non-drinkers are well catered for too with a section of the menu dedicated to non alcoholic drinks.  These drinks aren’t just empty versions of cocktails without the alcohol, these are fun, instagrammable drinks designed solely for non-drinkers, if you’re a designated driver pick up a Fizz Whizz Shake and you’ll be drunk on fun in no time.


Hell yes!  The Laundrette is being touted as ‘The most Instagrammable restaurant in Newcastle’.  There are definitely good lighting and bad lighting spots inside which you’ll be able to suss out on arrival, but generally speaking tables are lit from above and the place is crammed with neon displaying their Cocktails & Carbs slogan.  The bar also has novelty soap powder packs above it and rose gold cocktail kits dotted around the place as well as an open kitchen to the side.  Basically, if you haven’t already visited, the chances are you’ve seen the inside of The Laundrette on somebody’s Instagram.

Their Toon Tipple cocktail is served in a tin can with a Brown Ale style label and is one of their most liked pictures on the brand’s Instagram so if you’re looking to inspire jealousy on a night out, this is your drink.  Also, it’s worth noting that if you have an occasion coming up, bachelor/bachelorette party, baby shower, birthday or any other cause for celebration, you can contact the bar by email in advance and they’ll print you up a batch of bespoke labels with whatever wording you like, free of charge – they’re just that nice.


I told you already!  It’s in brand new purpose build accommodation at the bottom of Pudding Chare.  If you’re on the famous Bigg Market stretch for a night out then you’re a stones throw away.  Similarly if you’re hitting the Diamond Strip, then back up a little at the end of the night with your Squad for the ultimate carb laden treat.  Better than stale carry out pizza right?


Definitely worth a visit.  It’s in the centre of Newcastle and has a huge menu of both food and drink, it’s also child friendly for those of you visiting during the day and even has a kids drinks menu dedicated to hot chocolate and shakes.  The portions are big enough to keep you satisfied long after you leave – I often find that as new places open in town the portions seem to get smaller and smaller leaving you hungry after a visit.  Not the case with The Laundrette, even the dessert portion sizes are decent, a slice of cheesecake is the size of a slice you’d cut at home when nobody was there to judge.

So go, do that thing that annoys everyone where you photograph everything you order before diving in, share it on Instagram, eat all the carbs, drink all the cocktails and relish in the joy that for those 60 minutes or so, you were the envy of everyone on your social media friends list and left feeling satisfied albeit ready for a snooze….

Pixie xo

Fancy visiting The Laundrette to find out for yourself?  Of course you do!  Swing by or call 0191 2612334 to book in advance.

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