It’s Almost Panto Season!

It’s almost pantomime season and I’m already picking out my prospective favourites (yes, I’m aware it’s only October).  Visiting a pantomime is one of those super awesome childhood memories we all have and it’s something Plankton looks forward to on the approach to Christmas every year.  We always pick two to go to in the region, usually the Gala Theatre in Durham, and one other depending on the theme, this year we’re hitting up the Tyne Theatre and Opera House for old favourite, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

With a full bill of North Eastern talent and alumni on its roster, Snow White looks set to be filled with laughs a plenty.  Danny Posthill is the latest star name to be added to the bill, the comedian and impressionist who shot to fame on TV’s Britain’s Got Talent in 2015 will be starring as Dame Dotty Doughnut in this year’s festive offering.

North East based Danny, who reached the final of Britain’s Got Talent, is no stranger to playing the pantomime Dame and he’ll be packing his awesome impressions into his act.  Joining Danny are 2014 Britain’s Got Talent winner Matt Pagan (Collabro), who will play the handsome Prince, and Pop Stars alumni Michelle Heaton, who will play the role of the Wicked Queen.

Michelle Heaton as The Wicked Queen

Gateshead born Michelle Heaton is back on home ground to reprise her role as the Wicked Queen, bringing a little Geordie glamour and feistiness along for the ride, and I’ve heard there may be a little Liberty X song or two worked in for good measure, not that Plankton will have any idea who Liberty X are although he is a sucker for a pretty girl.

Tyne Theatre Panto enthusiasts and regulars will also be pleased to know that Geordie comics Charlie Richmond and Lewis Denny will both be returning in the show again this year as the comedy characters Muddles and Herman the Henchman.

The real gem though is Robyn McEnaney, a local singer who entered, and won a talent search which sought to find the perfect North Eastern Snow White to fill this very role, surely there’s a reality show in there somewhere right?!  Rumour has it she was an actual Disney Cinderella too….

Fancy checking out a proper North Eastern panto?  Information on this one is available at the Tyne Theatre & Opera House website and tickets are priced between £14 – £22 which is pretty average for a pantomime.  At over two hours long it’s damn good value and let’s face it Voyeurs, nobody can resist the lure of a pantomime, no matter how old they are, or how many times they shout “oh yes they can”.

Pixie xo

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