KISS Beauty VIP Launch in Newcastle

Last week beauty addicts from all over the North East were treated to a VIP product launch like no other in Newcastle and I was invited along for the scoop.

Set in the plush All About You Spa in the basement of Grey Street Hotel, KISS Products laid on a champagne fuelled party in the quartz crystal lined beauty cave hidden underneath the hotel. With a grey and white colour scheme, the spa lent itself perfectly to the stylish range of peripheral beauty products by this exciting affordable beauty brand.

Specialising in press on nails, glue on nails and strip lashes, KISS Beauty laid on a pop up nail bar allowing us to select our favourite styles from the huge range available, along with Nail Technicians to teach us the best application methods for long lasting results and beauty rooms with Lash Technicians on hand to apply our chosen styles.

With a chance to network with press and other bloggers, this VIP launch event set the bar high & that bar kept the champagne flowing all night long. But what about the all important products?


The selection of nails is impressive, there’s a whole range of shapes including square, almond, stiletto and classic. Different lengths from short to uber long, and finishes from matte to glossy, and that’s before we even get into the styles available. Basically if you can think it, they have it. From cool matte dove grey to mirror finish chrome and everything in between, this collection has got it going on. I didn’t get to try any of the nails as I was jetting off to vacation the next morning and had a fresh set of gels, but I took a selection of both the press on and glue on nails home with me to add to my beauty kit.


The other KISS specialty is lashes, with the promise of something for everyone the range doesn’t disappoint. There’s literally a set of lashes to suit every eye shape and occasion, whether you want a flirty flutter or a subtle enhancement, KISS Lashes have got it going on.

You can buy these lashes as single packs, containing one pair (these Retail at around £5 upwards), or as a Starter Kit, which contains two pairs and a pair of angled, shaped tweezers that make it easier to get close to the eye (around £8).

My favourite styles are the super full and multilayered Midnight, which are a mink effect strip lash applied with glue to give a wide eyed Victoria’s Secret Angel style look, and the less dramatic xxx, which blends with your own lashes to give a subtle enhancement of thickness and length. I took both on vacation with me and they can be trimmed to fit your own eye shape as with all strip lashes. One thing to remember with these lashes is that the adhesive is sold separately so if you’re stocking up then don’t forget the lash glue.

Yes, they’re fiddly, all strip lashes are. Get over it. Practice makes perfect and it’s worth practicing with lashes as they’re effective if you can persevere and get them right.


KISS have a few other tricks up their sleeve with the launch of their Perfect Wing Gel Liner Kit. This consists of a small pot of jet black gel liner, a liner brush and a handy little wheel with cut out templates to create the most perfect and even winged liner. Winning.


There’s also a Beautiful Brow Kit in the KISS arsenal. A quad palette containing two powder shades, one highlighter and a clear fixing wax. With this quad you can create a custom shade to match your brows and fix them in place all day long.

If you’re not great at creating that perfect arch then fear not, this kit contains handy brow stencils that you can play around with to find your perfect shape.

One of the great things about KISS is that it’s a budget brand that’s available all over the highstreet and online, meaning it’s one of the biggest and most accessible ranges on the market. With prices starting at just £5, and even lower in Superdrug if you catch it in their Big Brand Offer, it’s something that’s not just for the big gals, this is something beauty loving teenagers can access too.

Affordable, long lasting and innovative.  what’s not to love?

Pixie xo


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