Get ready for more KKW Beauty hysteria!  Whilst as little as 5 years ago you might have laughed in the face of Kim Kardashian if you heard she was planning on launching a cosmetics range, today she’s a super profitable business woman.  This is the woman who throughout the noughties put her name to every product imaginable and banked an insane amount of money, without actually owning a company herself.

These days, Mrs Yeezy is the ultimate Influencer and whilst you might laugh, her business plan is actually pretty flawless.  Her beauty line KKW Beauty was the most hotly anticipated range since, well, the Kylie Jenner Lip Kit but, and I can’t believe I’m saying this, Kim’s range is the grown up version.

Her Contour Sticks and limited edition collaborative Lip Kits sold out instantly, and with Kim keeping her promise of regular restocks, the whole concept of KKW Beauty has been pretty well received by both the public and the industry.  There was that minor blackface accusation incident which she addressed as soon as it hit the tabloids.  So, following a successful launch, the latest addition to the lineup is the Powder Contour and Highlight Kit.  You can’t accuse Kim of not paying attention to her marketplace, her Insta followers hit her up with a request for a powder version, and here it is…

The latest release from KKW Beauty is made up of three palettes catering for a range of skin colours and they’re well balanced.  We’re not talking coverage here, just a simple contour and highlight.  I actually think these look pretty good, when the first press release came my way I had wondered how these might look in terms of quality and packaging, but they’re pretty nice and the colours in each palette are complimentary and sit within the same complimentary contrast scale.

There’s no doubting Kim’s a savvy business woman with beauty on her side and her whole range is designed to not only be functional, but to be instagrammable, (I mean just look at those brushes), I can’t imagine it’ll be long before we start to see pictures of limited edition kits and packages for Christmas.  In terms of her cosmetics business, her face sells it.  She has one of the most recognisable faces in the world, I mean sure it looks vastly different to her face in the nineties, but she’s built her brand based solely on the fame of her face and her ass and she’s managed to use that to her advantage.  She’s come a long way since THAT sex tape, and banked a whole lotta dollars, even if it is a bit vapid, it’s pretty damn impressive.

Pixie xo

The KKW Beauty Powder Highlight and contour Kits will be available to buy via the KKW Beauty website from August 22nd.


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