I don’t know about you Voyeurs but I have real trouble when it comes to selecting eye products that don’t cause irritation.  From eye creams and gels, to eyeliners and shadows, they all seem to cause some form of irritation, itchiness or redness.  I’m a person who doesn’t sleep a lot, you’ll know this from my many late night posts and Tweets, and as a result of that I’m often left with those unsightly undereye shadows and the dreaded puffy eyes.  So whilst I have a need for a specific undereye product, I’ve never found one suited to my uber sensitive skin, until now….

Step forward Peachy Fox.  I’ve been using the marine Collagen Eye Gel from the Youthful Eyes range, the mission statement for which is that it “Helps to reduce dark circles, puffiness and wrinkles”.  Bold claims for a single product.  The packaging is simple and in keeping with the brand’s focus on organic products, it’s definitely instagrammable.

The gel consistency is light and way more suited to my skin than a heavier cream or lotion and the application instructions are quite specific, stating that you dab the product around the eye area rather than rubbing it.  You leave it wet on the skin to absorb on its own which takes around 20 seconds so you’re not really adding any time to your morning routine.

Personally, I love this product.  I’ve tried a lot of different eye products including gels, powders and creams and each one has caused some degree of irritation or left visible redness in the outer corners underneath my eyes.  I’d normally buy eyedrops in an attempt to counteract the reaction, but with Peachy Fox Marine Collagen Eye Gel, I’ve had no adverse reaction at all.  The skin around my eyes feels less tight, the puffiness I have on a morning disappears quickly after first use and I use it again as part of my night time routine as directed.

I haven’t noticed any difference yet in the appearance of fine lines around the eye area, but I imagine it takes more than a few weeks for that type of effect to be visible.  I’m just psyched I’ve found something that doesn’t irritate my eyes!  It’s a lovely product to use at the end of the day after you’ve taken off your makeup, sometimes after I remove my eye makeup my eyes can feel sore and ‘scratchy’, this is soothing on the skin after toner and calms any post-makeup redness on sensitive skin.

I was gifted this product in return for my honest review and it’s not a brand I was familiar with beforehand so it’s unlikely I would have discovered it otherwise.  Having used it now, it’s definitely something I’d buy and use as part of my skincare regime.  Peachy Fox is an all natural skincare company and there are no hidden nasties in any of the products.  Every ingredient is natural and organic and they’re completely cruelty free.  The eye gel has no perfume (which can often be an irritant), colouring or sulphates so it’s very much a part of the natural skincare movement that’s being pushed heavily right now.

Why Should I Buy it?

There are a few reasons you should try out Peachy Fox, I’ve been using a few products from their small but perfectly formed range and they’re all pretty damn good and all have specific skin benefits.  This is my favourite from the range.

  1. It’s an Amazon Prime product which means you get guaranteed free next day delivery.
  2. It’s affordable.  At £12.97 for a 1.0 fl oz eye gel it’s comparable to high street brands like Olay and Garnier and it’s a better product.
  3. Peachy Fox offer a satisfaction guarantee – Love it or get your money back.
  4. It’s natural, organic and cruelty free.
  5. It’s an amazing de-puffer!
  6. You can apply a thick layer and use it as a mask if you’ve overdone it and your eyes need some recovery.
  7. It’ll look pretty on your Instagram!


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