We’re just days away from the cutest makeup launch since ColourPop teamed up with Hello Kitty.  That’s right Voyeurs, the super limited edition Moschino makeup range will drop any day now and is exclusive to Sephora.  Now, you know we no longer have Sephora on UK shores, cast your mind back to October 2016 when social media was brimming with excitement at a rumour that Westfield London might be getting its very own Sephora store…..  Well, now we know for sure, it won’t. Booooooooo!

There are currently no plans to bring Sephora back to the UK so for now we’ll have to make do with the UK shipping section of the website, and those *essential* trips to France. Back to the collection….

Moschino‘s debut makeup range is small and eclectic with Jeremy Scott’s signature quirky aesthetic.  It’s everything you’d expect from a Moschino launch and more.  The collection is made up of seven makeup essentials including a highlighter palette, a selection of mini lipglosses that double up as necklaces, and the most Instagram worthy eyeshadow palette your eyes have laid eyes on, which, at $45 is actually pretty damn reasonable and comparable to Urban Decay or MAC.

“When thinking about the collaboration [with Sephora], I wanted to capture the iconography of Moschino and there could be no more perfect of an ambassador to do that than our teddy Toy! Beauty to me is half the story of fashion, so to be able to share my vision of Moschino in beauty, it was clear that Sephora was the perfect partner.”  Jeremy Scott, Creative Director, Moschino.

Each product in the range captures the humour and playfulness of the Moschino brand and it’s all very tongue in cheek, it’s not made to be taken too seriously.  The teddy Toy that’s been used in various other collaborations features heavily, made famous as a cellphone case on the Frow at Fashion Week, it’s now synonymous with Moschino. Well, now you can add a piece of that playfulness to your vanity case with the teddy Toy eyeshadow palette and trust me Voyeurs, once you see it, you’ll need it in your life.

Itching for a piece of the debut makeup collection from Moschino?  Well good luck with that, it’s available in very limited numbers, for a very limited time.  If you’re not first in line either in a store or online, you’ll be paying quadruple the price on eBay to grab a piece of this adorable and super collectible range…

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