The Scent of Summer

I don’t know about you but I definitely have a set of signature scents and the all sit firmly in the dark, woody family.  People tell me that one whiff of Tom Ford’s Tobacco Vanille or Noir de Noir and they can sense that my arrival is imminent.  True story.

When vacation season rolls around however, I like to switch things up a bit and save the oud for an evening and wear gorgeous Summer florals during the day.  There’s just something about Summer, whilst darker, headier fragrances are sexy and mysterious, florals in Summer feel light and airy.  I know, to quote Miranda Priestly, it’s groundbreaking right?

Getting your Summer scent just right is an entirely personal preference, some people hear florals and think Anais Anais and the ‘powdery’ type florals that sit in that category but they’re way too wishy washy for me.  I like to wear something with intrigue, something unexpected and something that lingers.  That’s why I’ve opted for these three fragrances as my top picks for Summer days and vacations, each with unexpected combinations of florals, or a hint of something that sets it apart from its counterparts, they guarantee to have people asking what you’re wearing and they’re heavy enough to not fade after just a few hours…


COACH Eau de Toilette 90ml £63 / 50ml £44 / 30ml £30

With an unexpected combination of pink grapefruit, jasmine absolute, cedarwood and sandalwood across all three notes, this fragrance starts off as a fruity floral, unveiling deeper and longer lasting woody notes at its base.  It’s one of my favourites for Summer because of how it deepens over time.  Fashion fans will be familiar with Coach as the original American house of leather and the bottle itself nods to that with its turn lock cap and leather and metal dog tags.  Buy it as a 30ml as you pass through Duty Free in the airport and take it with you on your next vacation, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

JIMMY CHOO L’Eau 90ml £63 / 60ml £47 / 40ml £36

The original Jimmy Choo ladies fragrance has won countless awards now and whilst it’s a pretty, feminine fragrance, it’s a little too feminine for me.  I like my fragrances to have a musky hit to them. This lighter, Summery take on the fragrance has bergamot and Hibiscus flower in it’s top note giving an earthy floral first impression.  Nectarine and Peony sit at the heart and the base note is a heady combination of cedarwood and musk which give a woody masculine vibe once the fragrance has warmed to the skin.  The perfume itself is iridescent and has been designed to embody the sensual yet sweet contrasts at the heart of the modern Jimmy Choo woman.  It’s one that can take you from day to night if you’re travelling light and only want to take one bottle away with you.

MONT BLANC Lady Emblem Elixir 50ml £54

This one’s a real gem, figuratively and literally…… well sort of.  It’s a brand new release to the market and of the three I’ve picked, this one is my favourite.  In a bottle that’s similar to Chopard’s Wish fragrance, it looks like a cut diamond with a rose gold finish – super on trend.  Turkish Damask rose, honey and a blend of spices make up the top note, Iris accord and powdery half-lychee follow, with black peppercorn, patchouli, sandalwood and vanilla combining to make a long lasting woody base note.  Whether you have an interest in the accords and notes that make up fragrance layers or not, trust me when I tell you that this one is divine and every note is developed perfectly to blend into the next.  I was invited to Tom Ford’s London HQ a few years back to study the Fragrance Wardrobe and learn all about scent accords so I know that the notes in Lady Emblem Elixir are very similar to those in Tom Ford‘s Jasmine Rouge.  It’s a long lasting fragrance and is one that changes quite dramatically as your skin warms throughout the day and into the evening.

I always like to try out new fragrances in the Summer and seem to gravitate towards anything with a woody base note and a dash of peppercorn for added spice.  Probably why Mont Blanc’s Lady Emblem Elixir is my top pick for Summer.  I usually take three fragrances away on vacation with me, and all of these come in sizes 100ml and below which means you’re ok to fly with them in your cabin luggage.  Perfect if you need a little spritz on landing.  Better still, pick them up as you pass through Duty Free in the airport and nab yourself a saving off the RRP meaning you’ll have a little extra available for that all important beach front espresso.

You’re welcome Voyeurs.

Pixie xo

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