A few months back an event whipped through FaceBook faster than wild fire, as far as events go, this one gathered interest like Usain Bolt on a downhill sprint.  What was it?  One word: Rolladisco.  Held at The Boilershop in the up and coming Stephenson Quarter of Newcastle, the large urban space was transformed beyond recognition for one day only, offering revellers the chance to skate all afternoon, or all night long.

With the promise of arcade games, old fashioned candy stalls, burgers and a glitter station, it’s no surprise that the event sold out way sooner than expected and was chock full of amateur and pro skaters decked out in their best 80’s clobber, myself included of course along with some of my fellow Newcastle Roller Girls and Tyne n Fear league mates.

“I love the Detroit music scene and read a really nice article about how rolladiscos were helping to bring communities together out there and how nice it was to listen to good house, disco music in a non-hedonistic environment.  So hopefully we embodied the same spirit.”  Gabriel Day, Get Down Rolladisco

The event was soundtracked with an awesome soul, funk and house music playlist and a dedicated dancefloor / hula hooping zone proved to be the perfect antidote to skating for those who were knocking back the bespoke cocktails.  As a test event, Rolladisco NCL was immense, epic in fact, it was one of those events that’s so jam packed with like minded people that you can’t fail to have fun.  No trouble, no kick offs, just people looking for a little escapism.

Day tells me that he’s aiming to take Rolladisco national and tour the country and given the overwhelming popularity of the event’s debut in Newcastle, a second date has already been announced with the promise of Rolladisco Part 2 being bigger and better than the first.  Part 2 will have a larger rink, more food vendors (don’t panic Voyeurs, The Grind will be back with those amazing burgers), and of course free skate hire.  Rolladisco Part 2 will take place on June 24th and tickets for the evening skate session are available now priced at £19.25 each, seems pricey?  Skate hire and arcade games are included in the price and any added glitter you might choose to sprinkle at the glitter station, as well as 5 hours of skate time.

If you missed the first Rolladisco and fancy checking out part 2 then you’d better be quick, tickets are guaranteed to sell like Gucci loafers in a sale.  You’ve got around 4 weeks to plan your outfit and you’ll need it, this lot brought their A-game last time…

See you on the rink!

Pixie xo


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