Gel Nails at The Wax Bar

You’ve heard of The Wax Bar right?  Long story short, it originated in Edinburgh then opened up in Newcastle in December 2016 specialising in all things wax, if you aren’t familiar then shame on you, I wrote a post about their launch party, their branching out from wax into the art of LVL Lashes, and their awesome resident Waxpert Gemma, formerly of Newcastle Hair & Beauty Clinic.  Get acquainted Voyeurs and do your homework.  Now.

The Wax Bar specialise in way more than just the sticky stuff, they may be Wax Connoisseurs, but these gals do a mean set of gel nails at their inhouse nail bar.  Situated on upmarket St Georges terrace in Jesmond on the outskirts of Newcastle, and most importantly, with a boat load of free parking right outside the door, The Wax Bar’s pink white and grey colour scheme and minimalist decor offer a fresh, modern alternative to those who flock to Jesmond for their beauty treatments.

I was invited along for a luxury gel manicure  and got way more than I expected when I took my seat at the New York style nail bar.  Usually when you drop in somewhere for gel nails you get just that, a lovely shiny coating of gel polish in a colour of your choice that lasts for somewhere in the region of 2 weeks, give or take.  At The Wax Bar, you get a full nail overhaul;  Nails are shaped and matched in length, cuticles are clipped and oiled in preparation, nails are buffed and then you make your choice from the huge selection on the wall.

Gemma tells me that they’ve found the perfect combination of gels to give the best finish at The Wax Bar, using a branded base coat with super staying power under Shellac gel they’re able to achieve optimum shine with maximum resilience.  I opt for black (obvs) and after some very thorough prep, my nails look healthier than when I arrived, and shinier than a choir girl’s church shoes.  Once the topcoat is cured, I’m treated to a hand and arm massage to reinvigorate the skin on my hands and make it more luminous, to match my shiny new nails.  Sound familiar?  Levoi offers a similar service right in the centre of the pedestrian zone in Newcastle.

Personally, I love the convenience that The Wax Bar offers, being able to pull up and park (for free) right outside the door is a major bonus.  For people who suffer from post wax redness, particularly after facial waxing treatments, having easy access to transport home is an absolute godsend.  The fresh, urban feel of The Wax Bar is in keeping with the other new businesses breathing life into St Georges Terrace, the Ouseburn Coffee Co. is right next door meaning if you’re early for your appointment you can grab a locally sourced brew and chill in the sun outside.  One of my favourite things though, is the music; weird, I know, but when you’re lying there for 40+ minutes for a beauty treatment, the music is a big factor.  The Wax Bar don’t play typical spa music, they soundtrack their treatments with Ministry of Sound and Ibiza style chill out music and I’m telling you Voyeurs, it makes a huge difference to the feel of a place.

I’d say it’s worth taking the time to schedule a visit, whether it’s for waxing, HD Brows, LVL Lashes or gel nails, every service The Wax Bar offers is a five star treatment and the service is excellent.  My gel nails lasted a whopping 18 days before the first tiny chip appeared  (I was peeling a label off a delivery box) at the time, the second chip appeared after 21 days.  I’ve visited since then and had the same treatment, I’m 19 days in with no chips as yet.  If you’re like me and you can’t function without a bit of colour on your nails, then give The Wax Bar a try for your next gel manicure, you won’t be disappointed – that’s a promise, not a threat.

Pixie xo

I was gifted a Luxury Shellac Manicure in exchange for an honest review.  A simple Shellac file and polish is £27, rising to £37 for the Luxury Shellac Manicure.  The Wax Bar offers a 10% discount for customers who check in on FaceBook during their visit and also runs a loyalty scheme offering a stamp for every visit where £20 is spent on treatments.

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