Festival on the Wall 2017 Cancelled

You’ll have heard all about the grand plans for the awesome sounding Festival on the Wall by now and it’s ambitious designs on a rollerdisco, hot tub area, chill zone and much, much more.  Well hold that excitement Voyeurs, bottle it up, bury it and do not let it spill out.  Why?  The Festival has been cancelled.  Booooooo!

I don’t know the reasoning behind the decision to pull the most epic sounding music festival the North East will never see, but I was, as you know, I had been planning on running a competition to win tickets for the weekend.  Well not any more.

You could just drive up to the intended site and hold your very own mini festival, but currently there are zero plans for Festival on the Wall to run during 2017 or at any point in the future.  I guess we’ll have to keep our eyes on the FaceBook page to see whether it’s picked up in years to come, and in the meantime there’s always Corbridge on July 7th & 8th…..

Soz dudes, I’m as gutted as you are.

Pixie xo

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