Restora UK Launch Party

Last week I hotfooted it to Manchester for the UK launch of Restora – a brand new, super advanced hair treatment that promises to reverse damage and restore your tresses to silky perfection.

If you’re into hair care, you’ll know that the buzz at the moment is all about bonds, whether it’s Olaplex, Fibreplex, Smartbond or any other high tech hair treatments, the focus is on rebuilding and strengthening the bonds deep within the hair.

Manchester born brand Restora aims to grab a slice of the action with their latest haircare range which launched in the UK last week.  I headed to celeb hotspot Nicky Oliver Hairdressing in the heart of Manchester to find out whether it lives up to its claims.

We were treated to champagne on arrival and a demonstration of the product on a model with severely over processed, bleached hair.  We were invited to feel the quality of the model’s hair before and after the treatment to get a real idea of the product’s efficacy.  After shampooing with Restora shampoo, the model’s hair was coated with the Restora Protein Treatment Shot – a single use canister packed with amino acids that get to work deep within the hair shaft straight away – then covered over with a plastic cap (which comes with the product) in order to retain heat from the scalp.

Whilst the treatment was left to work, we headed upstairs to the salon floor for an exclusive DJ set by Nakia Oliver and endless canapés.  Yum.  I took advantage of the braid bar with a hidden undercut braid and actually won some pretty cute prizes for being completely awesome.  Not even jokes.

After around 40 minutes the treatment is ready to be rinsed off, the Restora conditioner is used which, as well as the shampoo, contains a diluted dosage of the protein treatment to lock in and maintain the benefits of the  protein shot.  Nicky talks us through the three year research and development process that took place with a team of chemists in order to create Restora and bring it to market.  As he talks, the model’s hair is blow dried and already it’s clear to see that the tones in her hair are brighter and shinier.

“Based on Cystine science, an essential amino acid, Restora™ Protein Treatment transforms the internal structure of hair providing stronger, healthier looking locks. The products promise to instantly turn back the clock on damaged hair, effectively tackling frizz and repairing your split ends.”

Once finished and styled, everyone in the room agrees that the hair definitely looks healthier.  It’s softer to the touch and looks brighter, but the real proof is in the feel of the hair and it’s insanely soft and smooth.

The idea is that Restora is a home use treatment with salon results which last for up to six weeks when the maintenance products are used.  Sounds pretty good right?  It’s available exclusively through the Restora website so there’s no salon upselling and it’s delivered direct to your door.  It’s pretty reasonably priced too; at £3.95 for the Protein Shampoo, £4.95 for the Protein Conditioner, and £29.95 for the Protein Treatment, it’s a small price to pay for long lasting, visible damage repair, IF you have extensive damage from bleach or overprocessing.

“I just felt these (in-salon) treatments were not taking people’s lifestyles into account, which I know is valuable to them.”  Seena Seka, Haircare Speciallst for Linco Care Ltd.

Everyone on the guest list was gifted a single protein shot along with Restora shampoo and conditioner and some other awesome goodies.  Keep it here Voyeurs as I’ll be reporting back on my own experiences with Restora pretty soon – my hair is recovering but will take any help it can get!

Pixie xo

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