Valentine’s Pampering Sewn Up

With Valentine’s Day on the horizon we naturally look to pamper ourselves in readiness for the hottest day of the year.  I’m talking Brazilian waxing, glossy red nails and sleek red lips, a Valentine’s Day cliche if you will.

Valentine’s Day is on the up in the UK, where previously a card would do the trick, these days a grand gesture is second nature for some couples.  Romance is big business for spas, hotels, lingerie companies and even movie theatres, with the 50 Shades movies all scheduled for forthcoming release on Valentine’s Day over the next three years.  Victoria’s Secret have turned Valentine’s Day, or should I say night, into a secondary holiday.

Personally I’m not big into romance.  There’s no warming up this cold heart of mine, but I am partial to the pampering that goes along with the most romantic day in the calendar, and if that means I can get shiny nails as black as my heart, then I’m in.

Which brings me to my most excellent point, Newcastle Hair and Beauty Clinic are experts in the art of beautifying.  There isn’t a thing they can’t wax, preen or prettify in the name of romance and they have a doozie of an offer to get you prepped for a date with your Valentine.  Whether it’s a lunch date with a new partner and you want to open up those gorgeous eyes of yours, or you’re planning an evening to remember and need to schedule that bikini wax, these gals have got you covered.

So, what’s the deal?  One menu, 3 treatments, £50.

What’s more, if you buy gift vouchers in any denomination, as a loyal Voyeur you get 10% off the final value between now and February 14th.  The best bit?  You don’t even have to give them to someone else, you’re free to keep them all to yourself, I promise I won’t judge.  Just mention my name, or Fashion Voyeur when you buy.  Simples.

Feast your eyes on this then call 0191 232 2800 to get booked up.

Pixie xo

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