Here’s The Rub….

If you’ve been into Newcastle recently you’ll know that the landscape is changing.  Newcastle is actually shaping up to be a pretty damn amazing hub, buzzing with creatives and tribes of fashionistas.  With this wave of new business prospects comes a whole phase of brand new eateries, one of which is Rub Smokehouse.

Housed in The Gate which is undergoing extensive redevelopment, Rub can be found on the first floor and is a welcome addition to the entertainment complex which has seen its popularity dwindle in recent years.  With a relaunch on the cards for early 2017 it’s high time for The Gate to take in some Fresh Meat, and already Rub has opened up to rapturous applause.

Obviously as a smokehouse, Rub primarily caters for the meat lover (although there are vegetarian options), and their preparation methods are sound; following the traditions of the deep American South, all of the meat sourced by Rub is from ethical farmers and is hung in a smokehouse after being ‘Rubbed’ down with a secret blend of herbs and spices known only to Rub chefs.  After which it’s slow cooked to perfection for 16 hours to give the meat that super awesome flavour and a tenderness that’s better than foreplay.

It’s a place that’s been on my radar for some time now due to a member of my Squad literally ‘Rubbing’ it in and sending me photos of food from Rub, every damn day.  (Thanks for that Ashleigh Money Saver).

But Rub is so much more than a smokehouse….

Rub is the brainchild of three guys out to have fun and make some Epic Food and Newcastle is the third branch for the successful trio.  With the Epic Food side of things covered, Cocktail King Joe serves up the fun at the Newcastle branch with a cocktail menu almost as in-depth as the food menu, some of which are his own creations.

Earlier this week, a gazillion Bloggers descended on Rub Newcastle for a night of great food, fun and mad cocktail making skills with the invite promising ‘Cocktail Carnage’.  We were treated to a cocktail making masterclass from a standup guy who competed in the actual Cocktail Making World Championships (it’s a thing Voyeurs, I checked) and boy, did we rack ’em up!

As an interlude, we were served pulled pork sliders, nachos, and burritos, (in order to soak up the excess alcohol I suspect), and damn, they were good.

After a crash course in creating bar essentials (Porn Star Martini, Mojito) Bachelorette Party must haves (Cosmopolitan) and classics smokes, (including one of my all time favourites, the smokey old fashioned), winners were announced.  Long story short, my team won, obvs.

When preparing cocktails for Newcastle’s elite, we were taught that there’s no cutting corners and no cheap option.  Only the highest quality ingredients are used at Rub and that means Titos vodka (my favourite), Chambord black raspberry liqueur and only the freshest fruit – no cheap alternatives, that’s not the Rub way.  We were also taught that shaking and stirring are key, to pull off the best drinks in town, they have to be stirred to perfection and that’s exactly what these guys do.

I’ve got to say a big thank-you  to ELLEfluence for the invite, and a big shout out to Team White for pulling off a massive win; Toni, Mimi, Geordie Kisses, Lorna, and Chloe, WE BE AWESOME!

So, if you’re looking for somewhere that does great food, and knows how to make a really aces cocktail without waiting around forever for it – get you somewhere that can do both.  Rub Smokehouse needs to be on your radar.  Go there once and you’ll see why, go there twice and you’ll know why.

And that, Voyeurs, is the Rub…

Pixie xo


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