Bowie: Mourning an Icon

It was announced this morning that after an 18 month secret battle with cancer, David Bowie died peacefully in his sleep.  Earlier this month and on the singer’s birthday, studio album Blackstar was released along with lead single Lazarus, now believed to be a carefully curated exit for the star and a parting gift to his fans.  It’s a sad story about a man who influenced the worlds of music and fashion like no other but it’s the story of a man who chose to go on his own terms…

Look up here, I’m in heaven, I’ve got scars that can’t be seen. I’ve got drama, can’t be stolen, everybody knows me now. – David Bowie, Lazarus.

Nobody can deny the influence Bowie had on the fashion world, the ultimate king of reinvention, whether it be music or fashion, Bowie had the power to intrigue and inspire.  With designers watching his every move, it’s no surprise that collections and runway shows were hugely inspired by Bowie’s trademark maverick style.

He once described himself as a “medium,” a bridge between his audience and the mystery that surrounded and absorbed him, he inspired people to take creative risks and to not care about other people’s opinions.  Named as one of Vogue’s “most influential in fashion” Bowie sought to express himself through fashion and pushed the boundaries by taking on several different personas during his fashion evolution.

With Fashion Month right around the corner, we’re likely to see tribute to the late, great David Bowie through the collection, deliberate or not, there isn’t another man who has been held up as such a sexually ambiguous fashion icon.  His style has been copied and imitated by men and women the world over and will continue to be emulated in this way because as we all know Voyeurs, Style is Eternal.

For anyone uninitiated, that lightning facepaint you wear with your seventies get up when a fancy dress party rolls around, the small, glittery stars you might stick to your face for a big night out, or those one legged Versace jumpsuits we saw in 2015 – you can thank Bowie for all of those, the man is a legend and always will be.

So today I pay tribute to master of reinvention, an expressionist and a true artist.  A man who carefully planned and curated his exit – from the retrospective exhibition, to the Blackstar release and ultimately, Lazarus.  David Bowie.  He did it his own way.  What a guy.

Pixie x



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