Moschino Barbie

In the last few years, Barbie has been overshadowed by the likes of Ever After, Monster High and Disney Princess dolls but all that is about to change.  A hook up with Jeremy Scott has seen Mattel unveil Barbie in her latest guise and it’s her best yet: enter Moschino Barbie.

With an uber slick black Moschino wardrobe (natch) featuring a leather biker jacket, mesh shorts and a chain letter belt, Moschino Barbie oozes cool, and if you envy her super cool wardrobe as much as I do, then fear not – you can buy and wear everything she’s wearing in a matching capsule collection for actual adults. MIND. BLOWN.

Sadly, Moschino Barbie sold out within an hour of her launch but the collection itself is still available online exclusively at Net-a-Porter and if you really can’t do without your Moschino Barbie fix, then Jeremy Scott has produced these two tees for the collection priced at £185 each, featuring Moschino Barbie in all her glory on not only the front, but the back too.  It may not be an actual Barbie doll but with those pesky eBayers tripling and quadrupling their investment, it’s probably the closest you’re going to get and you’re going to look pretty damn awesome in doing so.

With a typically Jeremy Scott campaign to accompany the launch of Moschino Barbie, the ad is the first time the brand has featured a boy (styled to look exactly like Jeremy Scott and insanely cute) in a campaign for its famous doll, alongside an ethnically diverse line up of girls.

Scott recalls his youth and says “Like every girl and gay boy I loved Barbie” citing her as one of his greatest muses.

 I’ve got to be honest with you Voyeurs, I’m a bit of a Barbie lover (what fashionista isn’t?!) and I managed to get my hands on one of these dolls, I also bought the most Moschino t-shirt ever so that I can match my little plastic friend.
Well, what can I say, you’d have been disappointed in me if I hadn’t right….?
Pixie x

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