Glitch in the Matrix

34 days later and still no broadband, yep, BT have really done a number on me – just wait ’til they get my invoice; in the meantime here’s a quick update on the goings on here at Fashion Voyeur HQ:

I walked in the Liberty runway show as an actual model in London last week which was amazing and surreal in equal measures and I was actively pursued to do it – pretty cool, right?!

I took part in Screenage Kicks’ The Warriors immersive cinema event as part of a roller skating gang – super cool until after the event when I took things a little too far by challenging my Roller Derby Husband to a down hill slalom and majorly stacking it on a ginormous hill bruising my butt and arm real bad, trust me, not a pretty sight.  And……….. I had bangs cut in.  Ok that last one’s a lie, I did not have bangs cut and seriously, if I ever suggest it I’m to be talked out of it for good reason….

On the horizon: I’ve got some super cool collaborations coming up and have even been asked to do some more of this modelling lark so stay tuned for pictures from upcoming shoots (yes plural!) if I ever get back online….

So there it is, a whistle-stop round up of the most note-worthy happenings in my life, short and sweet, the complete opposite of myself.  I promise to tell you more as soon as BT get their finger out….

Pixie x

P.S. BT you suck big time and I’m coming for you, with my serious face on….


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